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July/August, 2019  

July/August Newsletter

Unlock Your Potential

Oh Yes, She Can!
Performance Bias Unchained

Kay Fittes, August, 2019

Bias!  The four-letter word identifies cultural prejudice that’s rampant throughout our society and the workplace.  Today, most people in the workplace are more aware of unconscious or implicit bias, which is defined as prejudice or unsupported judgments in favor of or against one thing, person or group as compared to another, in a way that is usually considered unfair.

If we take that notion just a half-step further, it’s easy to see how performance bias is a very serious issue for women in the workplace.  Performance bias is based on deep-rooted assumptions about women’s and men’s abilities.  Bottom line, we tend to overestimate men’s performance and underestimate women’s performance.  Watch this 2-minute online video from Lean In to digest the seriousness of the issue:

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Kay’s Consulting Corner

Kay Fittes

Each month in this section, Kay offers actionable career consulting tips.

Overcoming Performance Bias

  1. Start envisioning your end-game.  Begin by journaling about your ultimate career goals and envisioning what the best version of you looks like.  To get you thinking, a #1 book for recommended reading is Robert Ringer’s Winning through Intimidation.  In the book, Ringer coins the leapfrog theory, which is the idea that you can leapfrog your way to the top rather than “working your way to the top.”  If you journal your ultimate career goals and set your sights on what you want, you can leap over the competition.  You don’t necessarily have to go up through the ranks.  Is it scary, yes.  Is it doable, also, yes!  Please do not let the title of this book throw you off, read it anyway.

  2. Demand a written annual review.  It’s appalling how many people have never had a review or get their review every couple of years.  Your performance review provides the opportunity to reveal your full potential.  On the other hand, if you do not get reviewed, you can easily become stagnant.  Resist the feeling that if you’re not getting your review, you can’t be criticized.  While you won’t have the opportunity to refute something negative that’s being perceived about your performance, you also won’t have the opportunity to toot your own horn.  Here’s an opportunity to overcome learned gender behavior and toot your own horn.

  3. Get clarity on your strengths and skills. To best prepare yourself to toot your own horn, take advantage of CliftonStrengths, a commonly used, research-based assessment that helps millions of people identify their strengths to empower and unlock potential.  By identifying your own strengths, you’ll be prepared to advance yourself based on your potential, rather than past accomplishments.  You’ll be prepared to demand your annual review and leapfrog your way to the top.  Visit CliftonStrengths online or buy a new copy of the book StrengthsFinder 2.0 to get the promo code to use online.  Frankly, buying the book is less expensive.  After taking the skills and strengths assessment, you can use the knowledge to help parlay your investment into overcoming performance bias.  Note that CliftonStrengths will be moving to a new web site effective Monday, September 23.  It will be unavailable from Friday, September 20 through the weekend.  On Monday, look for it on the Gallup web site.

Sometimes your career may get stuck or just not look as you envisioned it, let me be your partner in changing that trajectory.  Call Kay at 513-561-4288 or email me at

Client Testimonial - Olive Wagar

Olive Wagar

I first met Miss Kay in 2014 when she was a guest speaker for NAPO-Ohio.  I was in the process of investigating starting my business, Organized by Olive.  It was a special treat to be sitting at the same table with her.  I immediately appreciated her friendliness and confidence.  Her dynamic presentation that day planted a seed that I could promote my business through public speaking.

After I started my business and joined Toastmasters International, I heard her speak at several District 40 events.  Each time I was impressed with her engaging style and the ease with which she built rapport with her audiences.  I read her book and newsletters and determined that one day I would take advantage of her coaching services.

When I realized that I wanted to change the focus of my organizing business to include more public speaking, I confidently decided to hire Miss Kay as my coach.  After the initial consultation, I felt a sincere camaraderie.  I knew that she wanted me to succeed as much as I did!!

The coaching experience with Miss Kay has been challenging, exciting, and fun!  She shares her professional insights and wisdom in a kind and nonjudgmental manner.  She clearly explains why certain actions would bring better results.  She validates what I am doing well and then encourages me to take the next proactive step.  I actually enjoy the accountability.  After every coaching call, I am eager to exceed my own expectations!

The coaching experience with Miss Kay has given me a generous dose of confidence and clarity about my business.  In the past, I often over-analyzed and second-guessed many business decisions to the point of not taking any action.  I now feel empowered to make bold decisions and claim unique opportunities-such as speaking at an international conference in Toronto, Canada, in November.  Plus, I have greatly improved my telephone skills and follow-up skills – and secured more client sessions.

Investing in Miss Kay’s coaching services has been one of the best business decisions I have made.  It has been enlightening and encouraging every step of the way.  She has given my business exciting new energy!

Olive Wagar
Speaker Author Organizer
The Compassionate Professional
Organized by Olive LLC
Guiding overwhelmed women to the peace, joy, & contentment of the less cluttered side of life!
President of NAPO-Ohio
Distinguished Toastmaster
VP Membership Miami County Toastmasters

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