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April/May, 2017  

April/May Newsletter

Yes/No Woman

Think Strategy
Before You Say ‘Yes’

Kay Fittes, May, 2017

April was National Volunteer Month – a time to honor all the volunteers that contribute of themselves to improve our communities.  The month also brings attention to volunteer recruitment, so maybe you’ve been thinking more about how you might contribute your time and talent.  Our time is our most valuable gift, so I encourage you to differentiate strategic volunteerism that provides leadership enhancement opportunities vs. other volunteerism for altruistic reasons.

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Kay’s Consulting Corner

Kay Fittes

Each month in this section, Kay offers actionable career consulting tips.

Tips on Strategic Volunteerism

  1. Think strategy.  Once you learn to think strategically, you will hopefully use the skills with every decision you make.  Invitations to volunteer and give of your valuable time and talent should be no exception.  If an invitation to volunteer on a board, committee or event doesn’t provide the opportunity to learn new skills that you’re looking to build or doesn’t offer a chance to relax and enjoy friends while working on a good cause, learn to say “no.”

  2. Look around you.  Spend some time looking around and making note of the many volunteer opportunities in your community, who is involved and what organizations are successfully achieving their mission.  If you’re thinking strategically about volunteering, you’ll want to find a cause that you care about and involves business leaders from whom you can learn.  Remember, the most advantageous opportunity, might not be the one that drops in your lap.

  3. What new skills do you seek?  Ask yourself and be honest about the skills you would like to sharpen.   For example, if you’re a marketing/communications person and would like to learn more about finance and budgeting, volunteer to be on the development or finance committee of the board.  Don’t volunteer to offer skills in your professional field, the work you typically get paid for, unless your serving as an advisor only.  There are many different opportunities to serve and the organization wants to keep you engaged, so volunteer for the skills you seek.

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Recent Participant Testimonial

On April 27, 2017, Kay Fittes presented a keynote for the SHE LEADs organization.  Read what one audience member, Colleen Kerns, had to say:

“Wow!  Kay Fittes was informative, inspirational, and the best speaker I have ever seen for women.  Her way of engaging the audience and informing the audience was impressive.  I personally walked away feeling very empowered.  I wish I could keep that feeling all the time.  She made me think deeply about how I want to feel about myself and my life.  Very powerful and truthful information about living.

Thanks, Mary Anne for ‘exposing’ us to her.”


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High-Heeled Success® supports Dress for Success through donations of clothing, time and money.  We offer complimentary seats at every workshop for women participating in the Dress for Success program.


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