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November, 2016  

November Newsletter


Self-Limiting Behaviors

Kay Fittes, November, 2016

Have you reached your full potential in your current situation?  While my focus is typically on women’s career success, a personal life review (particularly at this time of year) also merits some healthy introspection.  We were born with unlimited capacity to think, create, achieve and love.  Through the innumerable situations we experience, we either ‘grow and go’ or ‘slip and slide’.  The difference in our reaction is locked within our thinking patterns and self-belief, which combine to form limiting behaviors that either propel us forward, or keep us grounded firmly in fear.  A limiting behavior or belief can be like a broken record or set of tapes that play on continuous loop in our minds, typically in our subconscious.  They are riddled with negativity.  Sometimes we are vaguely aware of them, often they’ve been there for so long we just accept them as the norm.  Let’s explore.

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Kay’s Consulting Corner

Kay Fittes

Each month in this section, Kay offers actionable career consulting tips.

Unleashing the Power Within –
3 Steps to Strength

  1. Choose a ‘power’ mentor.  Your power mentor can be a person that is living or dead, but should be someone who moved forward in their life and career with power and determination and without apology.  Some who come to mind are Elanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks, Estee Lauder, Martha Stewart, Oprah, Sandra Day O'Connor, Mother Theresa, and my personal favorite: Jean Baker Miller.  Miller was a feminist, psychiatrist, professor, and author of Toward a New Psychology of Women.  The core tenet of her work that “relationships are a central human necessity and disconnections are the source of psychological problems” has been a true inspiration in my work and in my life.

  2. Glass Choose a ‘power’ symbol.  Pick anobject that has significance to you and represents power.  Ideas include a picture or painting of a person or scene, a piece of jewelry, a statue or trinket, a book, special gift or an award.  Wear or place the object where you will be able to see or encounter it frequently.  Use it as a reminder that the power within you is meant to be tapped into, put into action and is limitless.  All you have to do is to claim it.  My power symbol is this glass that I received at a workshop.

  3. Choose a ‘power’ mantra.  ┬áThis is a phrase you can think and dwell on, which will help you draw out and maintain your power.  The mantra should focus on the core area of strength you want to build and maintain.  Just as our negative thoughts bring us and those around us down, positive thoughts such as a repeated mantra have the power to bring us to new heights of power.  Sometimes quite literally!  For example, my mantra is “I’m not little Kay Jones anymore, show it!”  Here are some other ideas: “Give yourself permission to be powerful”, “Success resides on the other side of my comfort zone”, “There is no limit to my strength, I have enough to continue”, “I am what I think, not what others think I am”, “The only real failure is not to try or remain stuck.”

In closing, I share a quote from one of my favorite authors.

A Return to Love:  Reflections on the Principles of “A Course in Miracles”
by Marianne Williamson
“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

Do you need some help finding the power of your full potential?  I can help!  Please give me a call at (513) 561-4288 or connect with me via email at so we can tap into your power together!

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Client Case Study - Becky Evemy

Becky Evemy

My relationship with Kay goes all the way back to 2007.  As the Professional Development Coordinator at the local child care resource and referral agency, I worked with presenters in developing training for education professionals.  I participated in many of the programs that Kay presented for our agency.  Over the years I learned so much: to look for competencies, not just content knowledge in hiring staff; how to work with people of varying personalities; and how to lead teams to name just a few.

In March 2014 I attended one of Kay’s public programs, “Kick Start Your High-Heeled Success”.  I was hooked!  I purchased Kay’s book and knew I could make a difference in what I was doing and how I could work with others.  I discovered pretty quickly it wasn’t enough.  I attended a couple more programs, always wanting more.  I learned about Kay’s coaching program and signed up for a 1-hour trial session.  I wanted to sign up for a year but couldn’t pull it off myself.  After 2 years, I approached my supervisor about working with Kay as part of my annual professional development.  I remember saying, “I will give up going to state conferences for the year if I can just work with Kay.”  I was approved and the coaching began.

Coaching with Kay has been a journey of self-discovery.  While I had the content knowledge of being a strong leader all along, I needed the specific skills and confidence to make it happen.  Since I began working with Kay I have shifted my leadership in small and vast ways.  I am growing to be a thought leader by being more creative and strategizing in new ways.  My perspective on the importance of processing and analyzing interactions has changed dramatically.  I spend more time reflecting on what I want and what I need in my work.  I involve my team in big-picture thinking to improve programming.  As a point of evidence, most recently I led a team of 15 staff to plan, coordinate and carry out a conference event for leaders in our area.  From start to finish, everyone had their assignments and worked together to provide a successful event.

Kay walks along with you as a coach.  She knows just what to ask to take you to the next step.  She allows reflection while keeping you motivated to take the action needed to go the extra mile.  If you have been considering working with a coach, today is the day!  You will not be disappointed in what Kay can help you become.  Kay’s personal and professional style is second to none.  She detects your needs and then guides you to success.  Kay has taught me that it just takes one little step at a time to make a huge difference.

I have had a couple of very close mentors in my life and Kay is at the top of the list.  If you are doubting yourself today or have a dream to fulfill and want to reach the top, you have to contact Kay.  She will help you get there!

Becky Evemy
Professional Development Coordinator, 4C for Children
Office:  (937) 723-2726
Cell:  (937) 422-9044

Dress for Success

High-Heeled Success® supports Dress for Success through donations of clothing, time and money.  We offer complimentary seats at every workshop for women participating in the Dress for Success program.


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