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October, 2016  

October Newsletter


Top 5 Barriers to Delegation

Kay Fittes, October, 2016

We all have so much to do, and so little time.  It’s become the way of life for most of us.  The affliction is expressed in many different ways; “I’m so busy,” “I have so much on my plate,” “There is never enough time,” “I can’t catch up,” “I have no idea how I’m going to get it all done.”  With the frequency we say and hear these things, it would seem that we’d be open to help for our condition.  Yet, with many of my clients, the opposite continually rings true.  The mere suggestion that a co-worker, employee, manager or subordinate could help lighten the load is more often than not met with “Oh, I could never to that!”.

Women in higher management tend to struggle with delegation the most.  Seems paradoxical, but it’s true.  Delegating was an easier task for many when coming up through the ranks, but I find that once women reach a certain level, they are remiss to let go of the reigns so to speak.  Below is a list of the most common barriers to delegation, and their common rationales behind them.

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Kay Fittes

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Delegation Implementation

Sometimes fears and worst-case scenarios grow so big in our imagination that we can’t even think straight, but delegating doesn’t have to be scary!  Rather than ruminate over worries, turn your thinking around and visualize the positive outcomes of changing your actions.  This simple change will create a shift from me-centered thinking to others-focused intentionality.  When your actions are driven by a desire to help others versus protecting yourself and your reputation, the outcomes will be powerful.

  1. What top delegation action could you take to develop a specific employee and how could they grow?  Based on your most urgent business needs, select something to delegate.  Be sure to start small – especially if you struggle with this issue.  After you decide on the task, choose an employee where trust is already established, but where there is also an opportunity to grow.  When you delegate and explain the project, be transparent, establishing that you selected them so that they could work on their communication, analytic, interpersonal, time management or long-term thinking skills.  Optimally, it will be an area previously identified as an opportunity for growth.

  2. If you delegate, what would benefit you personally?  Aim to achieve something in return.  Many of the benefits listed in the main article center around the business and a team.  Advantages to delegating strategically can drastically improve your own professional development and private life too.  You will be seen as a maximizer; efficiently using skills and capabilities to build a great team.  You will be equally amazed at the increase in your capacity too.  This can equate to more time for big picture thinking and visioning for the business; being less stressed and improving your quality of life; leaving work a little early when the need arises; and taking vacations with a clear mind that isn’t mulling over work while you’re away.

  3. If you delegate, how might the relationship shift?  A leader ensures that projects and the business runs smoothly.  Delegating across the board requires efficient management of people and processes versus the work itself.  As such, you will be meeting with employees more regularly via established checkpoints to review their progress and see how you can help the process.  Such meetings are a time to be intentional with your employee.  Rather than just getting down to business, pause and connect first.  How are their kids doing, their parents, recent move, trip, dog or hobby?  Transfer your mental notes on these conversations to paper later so you can refer to it.  Share your own experiences too.  Conversation above and beyond the work at hand will establish a stronger connection with your employees and within the team.  During the business portion of the meeting, be intentional about affirming accomplishments and mentoring in areas that need attention.  This will convey that you are interested in the person just as much, or more, than the work at hand.

Ultimately delegating will empower you and your team, making long lasting positive impressions and impacts; both personally and professionally.  If this skillset and other career leveraging techniques are needed in your arsenal, High-Heeled Success® is ready to guide you.  Email me at or give me a call at (513) 561-4288 to discuss our process.

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