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August, 2016  

August Newsletter

Woman Standing Out

Standing out in the Crowd

Kay Fittes, August, 2016

Gaining a competitive edge in today’s business world requires a unique combination of skill, experience and the ability to stand out in a crowd.  Searching for a job, shining in your company, or being an industry expert; these activities and goals require various and many talents to be sure.  However; making your mark requires more than skill and experience.  You have to be truly unique to rise above the competition and stand out in the crowd; a daunting task.  In a society with pervasive social media noise and 24-7 news feeds, and a business climate saturated with voicemail and email overload, standing out in the crowd is challenging at best.  So how do you do it?

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Kay’s Consulting Corner

Kay Fittes

Each month in this section, Kay offers actionable career consulting tips.

3 Ways to Fashionably Stand Out

Communication and actions are not the only way to stand out in a crowd.  We all know that first impressions matter.  A lot.  Especially in business and in the public speaking arena.  Below are three ‘dress to impress’ tips to make sure you are a stand out success.

  1. Use a fashion prop – Consider wearing an accessory that is memorable and attention getting, even if it’s only for your opener, or for a small portion of your talk.  Wearing my boxing gloves during my opener quickly grabs the audience’s attention and interest.  It makes people think, ‘what is she up to, and what else does she have up her sleeve?’  People remember it.  Other wearable fashion ideas include an umbrella, hat, scarf, handbag, sunglasses, gloves, etc.  The most important thing about wearing a prop is that it has to be relevant in illustrating or driving home your point.  If you don a hard-hat, but don’t connect it with being tough or needing to protect something, you’ll not only look silly, you will lose credibility.  Get creative with the link between your topic and the prop.  For instance, wearing a pair of butterfly wings can connote breaking free of a way of thinking or behavior.  Using sunglasses doesn’t have to signify brightness.  You could connect them to hiding from something or someone.  Whatever you choose, make sure it is large enough for the audience to see, and something that is not too fragile.

  2. Wear a bold color – If possible, connect the bold color to your personal brand, or topic.  I frequently wear red and/or purple during my presentations to tie it in to my personal branding, which I use in all my communications - physical and digital.  Patterns can be distracting, and difficult on the eyes if it is particularly busy.  Even if you can’t find a color connection for your presentation, the bold and solid color will create a powerful presence to your audience.  Select a color that is complimentary to your hair and skin tones.  A color tie-in to the season is also a good choice as well.  A simple sheath dress with an accent necklace, or solid suit (pants or skirt) are strong choices for a bold color.

  3. Dress for comfort – Whether giving a 5-minute speech, or a full-day seminar, make sure you are comfortable!  Shoes that pinch, a tight waistband, or blazer that is constricting can cause great distraction.  Don’t wear something that may cause you to be too hot or cold, and most of all make sure you can move freely in it.  You may look fabulous, but if you don’t feel fabulous it will come across.  Dress to feel like a million bucks!  Another trick I have learned is to have a backup plan.  A last minute spill or tear can ruin an outfit and possibly your confidence.  Pack an extra outfit, or a blouse just to be safe.

If you need help prioritizing or planning in this area, please send me an email at kay@highheeledsuccess.com or give me a call at (513) 561-4288.  I would be happy to guide you to High-Heeled Success®!

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Group Coaching Is Coming Soon

New and exciting things are happening with High-Heeled Success®.  We are adding a new dimension to the services we offer you!  Many of you who receive this newsletter are former and current individual coaching clients and some of you want to be.  However, for a variety of reasons, some budgetary, you have not been able to work individually with me.  Many of you have told me you would love a Group Coaching Program.  Well, it’s coming in January of 2017!  I am a firm believer in the power of the group, as evidenced by years of being a group trainer.  What are some of the unique benefits you can receive from a Group Coaching Program?

  • Enhanced problem solving of your issues with many brains, not just mine, focused on your success.
  • Enhanced group energy from a group setting.
  • Enhanced level of accountability.  When multiple women are expecting you to follow through, the positive peer pressure is ON!
  • Enhanced fun.  Groups are just plain FUN!

The good news is you get to participate in the design of the first program!  To have a “say” complete the survey in this newsletter below, and you will receive a valuable self-assessment, as my way of saying “thanks”.

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High-Heeled Success® supports Dress for Success through donations of clothing, time and money.  We offer complimentary seats at every workshop for women participating in the Dress for Success program.


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