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July, 2016  

July Newsletter

Sistine Chapel

The Art of Self-Care; Lessons from Michelangelo and Painting the
Sistine Chapel

Kay Fittes, July, 2016

How fast, how much, how high?  From an early age we are measured by our achievements.  From first words as a baby and sporting accomplishments as an adolescent and teen, to top grades in high school and college and how high the salary at the coveted job - we are measured, judged and evaluated.  Messages from social media, management, self-improvement books, and prominent business people or publications encourage raising the bar, achieving your greatest potential, and place ‘best in class’ on a pedestal.
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Kay’s Consulting Corner

Kay Fittes

Each month in this section, Kay offers actionable career consulting tips.

3 Ways to Create a Path to Self-Care

The fast path to self-care is to make an intentional effort to shift your control from behaviors that are energy-sapping to healthy self-care habits to provide a more stable work-life balance.  The diagram below depicts the six basic area of life where we focus our time.  We begin to feel depleted when the sectors of the wheel are off balance, and for many of us this happens when we focus too much on the career sector.

Using the wheel diagram and a piece of paper, write down 1 thing from each of the other five sectors that you would like to spend more time doing.  Examples include taking a photography class, or committing to attend one cultural event per month.

Wheel of Life

Wheel of Life

Using the three greatest self-sabotaging behaviors in the article, let’s explore how their associated behaviors could shift to positive self-care habits.

  1. Perfectionism – Instead of repeatedly reworking PowerPoint presentations to re-position graphics, change the layout of a slide, switching the theme, or adding ‘one more thing’, accept that it doesn’t have to be perfect.  The collective time you save by accepting ‘good enough’ could translate into taking 10 minutes for yourself a few days a week to meditate in the morning before work.

  2. Taking too much on – So many entities want their share of our time.  Appeals for volunteering and can tug at our heartstrings, making us feel badly if we don't give of our time.  Sharing our gifts with others is good, but not to the point where we compromise our responsibilities or sanity.  Pick one good organization or group and commit to what really works with your schedule.  Giving up or letting go of one volunteer activity, could possibly free up time for family game night once a month.

  3. Delegating – Relinquish control of smaller tasks.  Can you delegate a small project to a capable employee to give them a chance to build a specific skill?  Perhaps a team member could assist by taking on a portion of an overall project.  Or maybe there is a set of small repetitive tasks you could easily delegate to an administrator.  Delegating will not only free up some time, it also provides others an opportunity to learn something new, or let them shine in an area of strength.  Done correctly, delegating can also build team rapport.  The time you save could allow you to attend a fitness class once a week.

With a concerted, consistent effort, the amount of time you create by redirecting your time to self-care activities can actually add up to a few days or even a couple of weeks each year.  We’ve all heard the saying that people on their deathbed never say they wish they would’ve spent more time at the office.  Why not start today and redirect your time toward a future that focuses more on self-care?  If you need help prioritizing or planning in this area, please send me an email or give me a call.  I would be happy to assist you.

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Client Case Study – Nancy Van Buskirk

Nancy Van Buskirk

My first exposure to Kay Fittes was when she was the guest speaker at a TBN/H7 event.  Her energy and her business perspective impacted me.  She had solutions that I believed could really get my new business going.  Out of that belief, we started a one-on-one coaching relationship.

It’s been a pleasant and positive experience.  Kay has the ability to put a spotlight on key issues and listen between the words for the complete story.  As a result of our coaching:

  • My confidence level regarding my ability to be a successful business owner has grown.
  • My listening has morphed, enabling me to be in the moment with a client and to think less about what I am going to say next.  Some of these changes I have modeled in how Kay listens to ME.
  • My concerns about being perfect in my business have reduced, allowing me to be myself. It's tough to be successful in conversations with clients when one is stressed and tense.

Coaching, in general, is such a positive thing for anyone!  It helps you understand what makes you tick, who you are, and what stops your dream.  Kay then focuses you on taking that insight into action steps.  As a coach, Kay becomes a valued friend, an inspiration and someone to admire.  She is always there to be the cheerleader every woman needs!

Nancy VanBuskirk
Naturally Living Green
Living Agelessly - Helping you design a healthy, balanced, life.
(513) 403-5260 :: nlgdesigns06@msn.com

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