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June, 2016  

June Newsletter

Motivation Napkin

Dealing with Lack of Motivation

Kay Fittes, June, 2016

We’ve all suffered from lack of motivation in our careers at some point, there’s no way around it.  External stress factors beyond our control, negative emotions, feeling overwhelmed with the task at hand, feeling ill equipped; these are just a sampling of reasons that may impact our motivation levels.  Whether for an hour, a day or a season, dealing with lack of motivation is a common issue for which many of my clients seek resolution.  People ask for a secret formula or silver bullet with which to combat lack of motivation.  Oh, how I wish I had the cure!  People are often surprised when I share that the best recipe for lack of motivation is creating a vision of passion and purpose. [Read More]

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Kay’s Consulting Corner

Kay Fittes

Each month in this section, Kay offers actionable career consulting tips.

Motivation Methods

Some people procrastinate because they underestimate the amount of time a task may take.  Others simply don’t want to do the unpleasant task at hand.  For some, it’s a basic lack of self-discipline or motivation, which can manifest itself in doing mundane, useless or mindless things before major priorities.  Whatever the reasons, below are a few steps to help you combat procrastination or lack of motivation when it overpowers you.

  1. Start with one small action.  I call this a leading task, which is a deliberate move or act that sets your mind and body into motion.  For example, say you want to write an article for your industry newsletter, but you’ve been procrastinating.  Instead of diving in head first, start with the basics.  First, create a clean work environment, which can aid in clearing your mind to focus on your topic.  Next, create a work folder on your laptop, and set up the email you’ll use to submit the article with the correct email address, subject heading and greeting.  Now, pull out a notebook, pen and highlighter and get your thoughts flowing.  Set a timer for 5 minutes and write down as many main thoughts, ideas and examples you can think of that pertain to your topic.  Don’t worry about the order, or how strong the idea is, your leading task is just to write.  The beauty of the leading task is that it is non-threatening.  Chances are your procrastination revolves around something that feels daunting.  Once you get started it will likely seem less overwhelming.

  2. Surround yourself with job aids.  This includes the vision board discussed in my lead article, and so much more.  Photos of your child, grandchild or significant other can remind you why you are working on getting a promotion.  Inspiring quotes on your wall or computer can serve as a constant reminder to keep focused.  One of my favorites by Craig Valentine, that perfectly relates to this topic is “Be driven by your vision or you’ll be taken for a ride in someone else’s.”  And Mark Twain has inspired many with this profound thought: “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”  Pictures of places you’d like to visit, or people who inspire you are also great job aids to keep you on a focused path to success.

  3. Try to get at the heart of why you procrastinate.  Journaling is a very powerful tool for this.  Whether you’ve journaled all your life, recently started, or are brand new to the concept, writing down your thoughts in an organized fashion is a great tool of self-discovery and helpful in unlocking both potential and hidden or unknown tendencies of self-sabotage.  If you feel stuck in patterns that zap your motivation, journaling can be a powerful tool to promote motivational behaviors.  I have found The New Diary, (which is actually not so new, lol!) by Tristine Rainer to be an extremely valuable tool for journaling, self-discovery, and for organizing your thoughts as well as your life.  Written in 1979, I have used and referenced this book for years, and recommend it to many of my clients, who have found it very helpful as well.  It is available on Amazon, and has a 5-star rating with 25 customer reviews.

The techniques I mention here and in my lead article to help with motivation can work in both your personal and professional life.  Try to put one or two of them into action, and let me know how it goes.  If you still feel stuck in patterns of procrastination, and would like some more intensive help, please give me a call at 513-561-4288 or send me an email at kay@highheeledsuccess.com.  I can put you on a path to High-Heeled Success®!

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Client Case Study – Janet Kassalen

Janet Kassalen

My experience with Kay Fittes has been an evolutionary one.  We first met through Toastmasters International, where I had heard her speak; then I attended several of Kay’s public workshops, where I developed a level of trust with her.  After that, individual coaching was the next step.  Kay’s background in Psychology gave me a sense of comfort to tackle some of my goals.

It has been a learning experience.  I know far more about myself today and value how she looks at things, giving me the power to look at issues in a new way.  Some women struggle with feeling stuck in childhood, with this coaching, I am developing skills to move into true adulthood.

How is life different now?  I find that I am:

  • More effective in going to the source of a problem
  • Confident with individuals in positions of authority
  • Quicker to make a difficult call – reducing the nemesis of procrastination
  • Feeling better about myself overall
  • Deserving of good things in my life – NOW

Today I would describe myself as a more skilled self-manager!

My advice is that it’s o.k. and important to do something good for yourself.  You really ought to give coaching a try, you deserve it! .

Janet Kassalen
Distinguished Toastmaster, TI
Lower Strings Member-at-Large, CCO

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