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May, 2016  

May Newsletter

Reputation Puzzle

Crafting and Assessing your Reputation

Kay Fittes, May, 2016

Everyone has a reputation.  Through our actions and interactions over time, we build a reputation that defines and eventually precedes us; whether for good or for bad.  Most people really don’t know what their own reputation is, and you may even doubt you have one.  Let me assure you - you do!

Spend a minute going through your mental Rolodex and think of one relative, one friend, and one colleague.  As you go through this exercise, jot down the first adjective that comes to mind that identifies their reputation.  You may characterize some acquaintances as having some fairly common reputations; perfectionist, cynic, unreliable, or even a risk-taker.  Many people have one defining reputation, and a few ancillary ones as well.
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Kay’s Consulting Corner

Kay Fittes

Each month in this section, Kay offers actionable career consulting tips.

Reputation Damage Control

Now that you understand how certain behaviors can negatively affect your workplace reputation, how can you truly uncover yours?  You will find the growth and change you need by asking your colleagues some hard questions, being open to growth, and a being willing to make some changes.  Below are three steps to assess and ultimately craft your optimal reputation.

  1. Identify three trusted advisors.  Your manager is a natural and necessary person in this equation, and someone in your workgroup will provide great insights as well.  As a third selection, consider an HR person, someone in a department that you work with regularly, someone in upper management, or even a client with whom you closely work.  Select individuals you can count on to provide candid feedback, and whom you know will be candid and truthful.  Entrepreneurs can solicit feedback from trusted clients, professional connections and vendors with whom they work.

  2. Ask the hard questions.  To get to the real picture of your reputation takes vulnerability.  Craft questions that ask what you do well, and inquire about what you don’t do so well either.  Cover areas such as in-person communication, group meeting behaviors and management interactions.  Seek to understand how others see your work ethic, how they view you as a leader and as a visionary.  Ask them to share how they feel about you as a team player.  For instance, are you the weakest link, someone who ‘always has their back’, or somewhat unpredictable?

  3. Put an action plan together.  In asking for candid feedback, you may read some answers that surprise you.  Reach out and ask for clarity or examples if necessary.  Make sure you take on a diplomatic, not defensive tone, in seeking to understand.  Then craft your action plan by starting with small steps in each area needing improvement.  For example, if lateness is a theme, start just by showing up to work on time every day for a month.

The process of reputation improvement can be daunting.  Mustering the courage to ask for input, remaining objective about the feedback, and putting a plan of action together might feel too overwhelming to do at once, or all alone.  I can help in this process and have coached many women on a path to not only repair certain areas of their reputation, but to also in making great strides in new areas they never thought possible.  Contact me to explore the possibilities!

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Individual Coaching

Coaching is impactful!  In my career, I have used more than ten coaches.  Each coaching situation made a pivotal impact on my business!  My workshops and keynotes shift my participants significantly, yet nothing is more life-changing than one-on-one attention.  Could individual coaching be a game-changer for you?

High-Heeled Success, LLC offers four different coaching programs. Here is a sampling of common issues addressed:

  • Enhancement of personal-esteem
  • Enhancement of professional-esteem
  • Identification of professional strengths and weaknesses
  • Creation of a vision and mission
  • Development of assertiveness and conflict management skills
  • Development of boundary setting skills
  • Development of powerful verbal language skills
  • Development of powerful non-verbal language skills
  • Development of powerful listening skills
  • Enhancement of self-presentation and self-packaging skills
  • Development of presentation and public speaking skills
  • Development of persuasion and sales skills
  • Understanding of and development of skills in dealing with four workplace personality styles
  • Development of skills to navigate challenges based on gender
  • Elimination of self-sabotaging work habits: perfectionism, invisibility, lack of laser focus, etc.
  • Negotiating office politics
  • Dealing with criticism and compliments
  • Promoting yourself within and outside your workplace
  • Effective delegation and development of employees
  • Identification and enhancement of leadership/management style
  • Transitioning to new workplace positions, roles and business opportunities

Sound intriguing?  To set a time for a complimentary telephone consultation to determine if coaching could be for you, email kay@highheeledsuccess.com.

Dress for Success

High-Heeled Success® supports Dress for Success through donations of clothing, time and money.  We offer complimentary seats at every workshop for women participating in the Dress for Success program.


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