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November/December, 2020  

November/December Newsletter

Explore Your Options

Making and Owning Choices That are YOURS

Kay Fittes, December, 2020

Doesn’t every aspect of your world, both personally and professionally, seem to be driven by the pandemic these days?  Considering that, a friend commented that she was struggling with holiday decorating.  She lives alone and will have no one in her home for the holidays due to the pandemic.  What to do?  Tradition, habit, and other people’s opinion of whether or how she should decorate appeared to be muddling the decision-making process.  [Read More]

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Kay’s Consulting Corner

Kay Fittes

Each month in this section, Kay offers actionable career consulting tips.

Determine Who Is Actually Making Your Decisions

  1. Listen to the voices.  Get comfortable, get quiet, get a bead on what messages are echoing in your head.  Perhaps you can clearly hear your father saying, “You will not have reached your potential until you grab every opportunity.” Powerful, huh?  You may not even be aware of who is pulling your strings until you really take a pause to think and reflect.  Simply realizing that past voices have great power is a good beginning.

  2. Rewrite the past.  Take to your keyboard or grab a pen & paper, complete this phrase 10 times:  If I were to do my career over I would…  You will likely find some powerful insights into what intentionality might have looked like.  Many people are just like pieces of driftwood in a stream, flowing where the current takes them versus planning their direction.  Capture the patterns that surface in the 10 responses.  That will give you valuable clues for the future.  Remember this drifting can be a powerful protection device.  If you intend to go in a direction and it doesn’t turn out quite right, then you may have a feeling of failure.  If you grab the opportunities as they arise, you may not have to experience those disappointments.

  3. Write the future.  Once again, get into the comfortable and quiet to do some writing.  Write your ideal day, include it all.  Where, what, with whom?  Is there great variety?  Is there a consistent routine?  Would you have the flexibility to choose office or remote?  Would there be no indoors at all for you?  I have a friend who in retirement sold her home, bought a small camper and volunteers at State Parks across the country.  You get it, think about crafting your career and then it’s time to start asking for what you want.

Does all this overwhelm you or scare the pants off you?  Heck, we started this discussion about whether to decorate your bathroom for the holidays and have morphed into some big choices.  You don’t have to do this alone.  Give me a call at (513) 561-4288 or email me at, just say “HELP!” and we will set up a complimentary time to talk.

Client Testimonial – Kate Mock

Kate Mock

I was introduced to Kay by a co-worker/mentor Billien McCowan.

So far my experience coaching with Kay has been incredible.  I’m an ‘instant gratification’ type of person where I like to see results relatively quickly or I don’t want to waste my time.  After my introduction and first session with Kay, I felt that Kay had a great understanding of the areas I was struggling with and was helping me uncover ways to succeed.  Talking with Kay was refreshing as she had an outside perspective on what I was dealing with and what was happening within our team (almost like a professional career therapist).  Our sessions start with her listening to my current challenges and end with a real actionable plan to work on to achieve these successes.

When I started with Kay, I was struggling with impostor syndrome (even with 10+ years of experience) being relatively new to my product team with an even newer leader.  From my standpoint there were a lot of things lacking on our team – vision, unity, plan, organization, and follow through (to name a few).  All of these things left me feeling lost, unfocused, unorganized and underutilized.  I was super frustrated and was even contemplating looking for a new job.  Kay helped me identify areas that I could step in with confidence to be the leader that my team needed.  Not only did she help me identify areas to step into, but also how to do it with poise and professionalism.  Now our design team is more organized and delivering more value to our larger product team with a more unified approach working together.  On top of this, I am slated for a promotion in the coming months.

The skills and approaches I’ve learned from Kay are lifelong skills on which you can’t put a dollar amount.  She has an amazing way of digging right in and pulling you out of the clutter and mess.  She helps you uncover your potential and empowers you to bring it to life with actionable plans.  I’d highly recommend Kay if you are looking to level up your career and learn what you truly are capable of.

Kate Mock
Senior Experience Designer at 84.51°/Kroger Co.

Dress for Success

High-Heeled Success® supports Dress for Success through donations of clothing, time and money.  We offer complimentary seats at every workshop for women participating in the Dress for Success program.


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