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October, 2015  

October Newsletter

Women's Fitness

Boost Your Professional Edge with Exercise

Kay Fittes, October, 2015

So often, when we think of professional improvement, things like earning a new degree, learning a new skill, taking a class, or attending networking events or workshops come to mind.

While these are all excellent choices, it’s easy to overlook our personal health and well-being as a way to gain a competitive edge in the workplace.  A healthy lifestyle routine of exercise can greatly improve energy, focus and mental sharpness on a daily basis.

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Kay’s Consulting Corner

Kay Fittes

Each month in this section, Kay offers actionable career consulting tips.

Optimizing Time and Health

Value and take care of yourself – Do you ever think in these terms: ‘When I can finally achieve X, then things will be better and I can finally start living’?  The trouble with this thinking is that it is a perpetual trap.  No doubt the things you have achieved, purchased or experienced to date were once future dreams of the past.  A more strategic approach to a better future is to invest in yourself  NOW.  One of the biggest future investments you can make today is to increase the amount of time you exercise.  Over time, your physical activity will not only make you stronger and feel better, it will also increase your health and help you be stronger for others.  This enables you to be more fully available to co-workers, your spouse or partner, family and friends to help them be the best they can be too.  Investing in your health also helps insure a healthier tomorrow, and future, which is also a gift to all those around you.

Identify the top energy times for best creative work – When are you most energized?  Recall the last big project deadline you worked toward.  Were you most productive in the morning, late afternoon, or in 45 minute bursts throughout the day?  Maybe it’s difficult to tell during the work day if you have a hectic work schedule.  If so, take note on the weekends when you feel most alive, productive and/or creative.  Once identified, schedule tasks and priorities on your calendar during your peak alert and productive times.

If you add exercise to your lifestyle (as suggested in the lead article) it will create newfound energy in your life.  Initially, you may feel sore and slightly fatigued as you begin a new routine, but that will quickly subside.  After your body adjusts, you will feel increased energy throughout your day, which will translate to better creativity and productivity throughout your work schedule.

Regular exercise and getting fit creates an energy in your life that automatically flows into other places.

Take some calculated risks – There are 5 main risks in life and business:  physical, financial, social, emotional and intellectual.  Reaching beyond your comfort zone in any of these areas takes courage.  Where do you find it?  The good news is that starting and sticking with a fitness routines yields confidence that can translate into courage in other areas of your life.  And, the more you challenge yourself, the more empowered you will feel.  Once you reach that new level of confidence, capitalize on it and take some professional risks.

One useful exercise is to reach out to someone who (previously) intimated you, but who is also a person of influence, manager or potential client.  Once you’ve proven to yourself that you are capable of so much than you thought physically, you can channel that confidence and connect with that person who needs to know who you are, and your capabilities.  Don’t be afraid to request that meeting and presenting your professional experience and goals.  End with sharing your vision of how you can make a difference and meaningful contribution to their team, project, or business.  Regardless of how the meeting ends, you will have overcome a major hurdle that will enable you to conquer other areas of risk.

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Client Case Study – Shirl Page

Shirl Page

Kay and I met at a Sophisticates Networking Event where we were first paired to interview each other and at the next event she was the speaker.  Immediately I was interested in coaching with Kay, as it was clear she knew what she was doing and that she really cared about her clients.

My experience receiving career coaching has been quite enlightening.  Kay has revealed to me things within myself I could not have uncovered on my own or known how to utilize that information.  Basically, things needed to be untangled for me.  My goal was to make some profound changes and move forward in a positive direction.  I was stuck, just like hearing an old record stuck in the same groove over and over.  Kay enabled me to “blow of the dust” of that repeating recording and move forward.

As a result of our ongoing coaching:

  • My use of time, both personally and professionally, is far more efficient;
  • Since getting unstuck from the old recordings, I am moving forward with focus, more energy and heightened productivity;
  • I am able to breathe again in both my business and personal life.

I can say with confidence I am getting to where I was always intended to be, actually reaching my goals and true destiny.  As an entrepreneur, one can't have “junk in the trunk” in their personal life and not have it affect their business.  I knew it was critical to get rid of the “junk” but just didn’t know how.  Kay has guided me with a process that allows me to say, “The junk is out”!

If you have considered working with a career coach, I would highly recommend coaching with Kay — TODAY!

Shirl Page
Arbonne International
Independent Consultant, Executive Area Manager

Dress for Success

High-Heeled Success® supports Dress for Success through donations of clothing, time and money.  We offer complimentary seats at every workshop for women participating in the Dress for Success program.


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