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July, 2015  

July Newsletter


Spearhead Your Career

Kay Fittes, July, 2015

Who’s in charge of your life?  When it comes to decisions around your house, with your family, your finances and free time, who is the decision maker?  YOU are (at least that’s what I hope you answered.)

Next question:  who is in charge of your career?  Is it your manager, your company, your co-worker, your college (if you’re getting your degree or going back for one)?  NO!  It’s none of those entities.  Just like you are in charge of your life, YOU are in charge of your career.

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Kay’s Consulting Corner

Kay Fittes

Each month in this section, Kay offers actionable career consulting tips.

Land Your Dream Job!

Perhaps you’ve never considered your ‘end-game’, or the path which will take you to it.  Whether you’ve just landed a great job, have been in a position for a number of years, or aren’t at all pleased with your work, your ultimate goal must be defined.  Not doing so contributes to stagnation, the end result of which is fruitlessness.  Set some time aside to work through these three steps to help draw some clarity around the future of your career.

  1. What is your ideal position?  Really think about this question.  The answer may not even be within your current industry (manufacturing), or line of work (accounting), and that’s OK.  Begin by retracing the steps which took you to your current position.  Was it by chance, circumstance, an unexpected opportunity, or was it calculated, certain, and planned?  Any of these methods could land you in your ideal position, but typically it’s the planned approach that yields the most desired outcome.

    If your dream job is attainable at your current company, or within reach if you are self-employed, write it down at the top of a piece of paper, then define and write down the following:

    Role description – Define the exact roles and responsibilities your ideal job encompasses.  Don’t be afraid to dream a little.

    Experience – Where are you in terms of the quality and quantity of experienced needed to reach your ultimate role?

    Education – Is another degree or specialized training required?  If so, what will it cost?

    This exercise should provide some immediate clarity as to whether your end game resides at your current company, or if achievable while self-employed.  If it is possible, begin to create your plan to attain the experience and education needed to achieve the role.

  2. What would cause you to feel successful or see yourself as successful in the role?  While your dream job may be high profile and/or exceedingly profitable, will it also bring you joy?  This is an important question.  Envision yourself in your new role.  Will the work accomplishments of the position make you feel successful?  (Choosing the ideal role and working toward it should be your dream, not someone else’s idea of success.)

    If this question stumps you, take some time to think about past scenarios and events in which you’ve felt successful.  Are your most successful memories centered around mastering a process, completing a complex project, bringing clarity or efficiency to a work flow, or maybe identifying and creating lucrative business endeavors?  Whatever the case, it is important that these opportunities be available in your ideal role.  Write them down and consider whether the possibilities exist in your dream job; if not, you may need to go back to step 1.

  3. Broadcast your successes.  If you can see your path more clearly after defining your role, knowing how to achieve it, and if it will bring you joy and success, it’s time to take action.  Grasping your dream involves working smart, not just working hard.  Keep a list of your successes and accomplishments every 90 days – that’s right – every three months.  Begin by taking 10 minutes on Fridays to review your week in your head.  Write down your biggest accomplishments in your Friday calendar area.  Every three months, curate them into one area such as your planning calendar, LinkedIn account or your resume.

    Regular, periodic review of your successes not only builds your personal brand, it also boosts your confidence and confirms your abilities to achieve your goal.  Additionally, disciplined recording of your accomplishments can help you see trends, keep you accountable, increase productivity and help you have a story ‘at the ready’ when you are networking or need to launch into your elevator pitch.

If you feel ‘stuck’ in any of these areas, I can help you identify behaviors that might be contributing factors, or provide useful tools to experience career breakthroughs.  Please give me a call to set up a complimentary consultation to explore the possibilities.

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Client Case Study – Karin Kirkendol

Karralea List

I was introduced to Kay through a mutual friend.  Our first consultation was extraordinarily helpful in several ways.  Kay’s solid quick insight into business and human nature allowed her to quickly zero in on several areas I needed help with.  One area was my fee schedule.  It was too low and at best, difficult for me to hold to without reducing it.  Kay was crystal clear in her advice to me helping me not to justify my fee anymore.  I have gotten twice the business I previously had due to her advice.

Kay also gave me her book, “Achieving High-Heeled Success™.”  I devoured it, and wish I could buy it for every woman in the world.  I know, sounds over the top, but there are so many little things we do as women to sabotage our potential.  Kay’s easy to follow daily read gives insightful and quick remedies.

I also attended one of Kay’s workshops in the spring.  Many networking opportunities arose from this workshop.  I made one key contact and now friend who has helped make essential connections for our organization.  The information provided by Kay was essential that day, because it literally changed the trajectory of our organization.  I had been focusing on a sub-project, when I should have been focusing on the “Main thing.”  I was able to boil down to the “Main thing,” that day and begin the real project.

In addition, Kay has many great handouts to be utilized after the workshop; I read them all.  One of the last statements on a take-away sheet was, “Be in Command.”  This has become my new mantra.  It has strengthened my confidence to make decisions with full assurance that I am in command.

Whether in a workshop or one-on-one, Kay’s business savvy and kind heart are the perfect recipe for success.

Karin Kirkendol, TH.M, BCPC, CRC
Executive Director
Winfield House

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