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December, 2014  

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It’s Present Time

You probably thought about present shopping and gift giving when you read that headline, and with good reason - it’s December!  The phrase has several meanings however, depending on how it’s spoken.  Present time.  It could mean 'time to open gifts', 'the current moment', or 'time to give a presentation' - the topic I’d like to discuss today.  Speaking in front of a group can be daunting, but it s also an amazing opportunity for you to present yourself, present your ideas, present new ways of thinking, and truly be 'present' in the moment while doing so.  The best way to accomplish these goals is to prepare ahead of time, and to present powerfully.  Let’s explore.

Taking our three definitions again:

  1. time for gifts
  2. the current moment
  3. time to present

If you really think about it, you embody all three of these meanings when you stand in front of a group and share.  It’s a time to give of yourself and your knowledge to help people grow - a gift.  You need to be really 'present' and available to your audience so you can connect with them, and they with you.  And, of course, it’s time to present - so you better be prepared.  Read More.

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January 24, 2015

A Woman’s Guide to Powerful

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  • Communicate with Confidence
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Kay’s Consulting Corner

Kay Fittes

Each month in this section, Kay offers actionable career consulting tips.

  1. A good presentation message begins with a good package, which I like to call Goal Dressing™.  Does your package (the way you dress) say serious, competent, creative or confidence?  Or, does your package say tired, sloppy, or worse yet - seductive?  What you wear is the first part of your message.  Does your opening message match your goal?
  2. Along with Goal Dressing™ comes professional panache.  The way we carry ourselves says a lot about us.  Do you stand tall, look people in the eye and truly command your space?  These behaviors exude confidence, an air of success and lets people know you are serious and professional.
  3. Before any presentation, practice how you present.  After researching and writing your content - play it out.  Practice annunciation, timing and movement, and think about transitions and props.  Use of props in a presentation can be an effective tool to drive a point home.  It can be a picture, product, book, tool box, even a ball or toy.  Using props bring energy and interest to any presentation.

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Client Case Study – Rachel Reeder

Rachel Reeder

I have had a coaching relationship with Kay for the last 4 months.  I never dreamed what insight was possible to address my skills and abilities.  With Kay’s support and warm sense of humor I have quite simply moved to an entirely different level of corporate / business savvy and understanding within my workplace culture.  The coaching has helped me get through the proverbial “knothole” of understanding.  I’ve been able to see that leaning out of my comfort zone is where “growth” begins.  I now look at every assignment, meeting, luncheon and even work/social functions as an opportunity.

I’ve been working for nearly 40 years in both the manufacturing and insurance sectors in the Information Systems/Technology profession and have found that my introverted character and attitudes about how to work with others has not advanced my career to the level I would have liked.  But now:

  • My professional thinking and behaviors have been challenged;
  • New opportunities have been identified to utilize my new skills;
  • Confidence is building and I have a stronger sense of value and influence in my business world;
  • A new perspective is being developed on dealing with people, especially the difficult ones, that I have allowed to sap my energy, self-esteem and engagement in the workplace.

I love my work but suffered from letting others judge me, and I would believe them.  There has been no coworker, mentor, friend or family member that has given me the insight and balance to stand on my own in the business world.  Now I am looking forward to the New Year and to asking for opportunities to gain the right experience to grow in my influence and results.  This will allow me to reach the next steps in my career goals and be ready when the opportunities are presented.

Dress for Success

High-Heeled Success® supports Dress for Success through donations of clothing, time and money.  We offer complimentary seats at every workshop for women participating in the Dress for Success program.


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