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Tiffanie Demasters

Tiffanie Demasters

Kay has been instrumental in positioning me for success in my new sales role.  We met through a women’s networking group.  I was talking to another woman about my transition from 17 years in a service role for the insurance industry to a sales role and how overwhelming it was.  She asked if I had ever talked to a career coach and when I told her I hadn’t, she suggested it would be wise to talk to one.

Before I even knew what was happening, she called Kay over and introduced us.  Kay offered a free phone consultation and I took her up on it, thinking in the back of my mind that I wouldn’t actually use her services.  Now, I consider myself a pretty introspective and insightful person, but she pinpointed an issue and had me speechless within the first 30 minutes of our call.  It was then I realized this was an investment in myself, and career coaching with Kay would set me up for future success.

Throughout the past few months, I have looked forward to our call and am always excited to hear what she’s got for me.  She’s always checking in to make sure we address any major issues or if any important meetings or strategies are needed.  Because of working with Kay, my career is starting to take off.  Here are of some of my great results:

  • Receiving a larger raise because she talked me through the process and encouraged me to ask for more than what I was already considering.  That alone was worth the cost of her coaching!
  • Honing a heighted awareness of behaviors in coworkers, and thus having the ability to tailor my reactions to them, has led to better working relationships with those people that are “difficult.”  That skill has increased opportunities with other teams in my organization.
  • Managing time has always been a struggle for me but her practice of reviewing your day and your week has brought some calm to the storm.  She consistently reminds me, and I am striving for “progress, not perfection.”
  • Enhancing my reputation and credibility with my superiors has been an additional benefit.  They were impressed with the fact I’ve made the choice to invest in myself.  The fact of working with a career coach let them know my serious commitment to my job and desire to move up in the organization.

She is a safe sounding board for ideas and offers great suggestions on improvements and is ALWAYS a cheerleader when she notices something you are doing well, or when you have a success to celebrate.

I cannot recommend Kay and her approach enough!  My friends get free semi-coaching because I tell them all about what we’ve talked about after every call.  My friends and co-workers have become an active part of my feedback process so much so they jokingly ask me “what would Kay say?”  I’m glad everything worked out the way it did the day of our networking group, or I’m sure I wouldn’t be doing as well as I am today.

Tiffanie Demasters, CIC, PRIS
Commercial Insurance Sales
Peoples Insurance Agency, LLC

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