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Pam Rettig

Pam Rettig

I opened my business eight years ago.  Within the last year, I decided to do seminars with a book author so we could support each other’s message.  My previous public speaking experience included a college speech class and years of corporate presentations at a Fortune 500 Company.  After sinking hours into preparing presentations, ads, waivers, pricing strategies, and biographies, the long-awaited date for our first dynamic duo seminar was scheduled.  My seminar partner suggested that we sign up for a workshop, “A Woman’s Guide to Powerful Presentations,” given by Kay Fittes and High-Heeled Success®.  We did and the experience was outstanding!

  • Kay reduced some of my worry by teaching in the class that there is a huge difference between corporate and small business presentations.
  • Much to my surprise, I learned that a bio and introduction are unalike.  Preparing an introduction for someone to read at the beginning of one’s presentation (rather than a bio), grabs the attendees’ attention right from the start.  I could type three pages about the many things I learned from Kay.
  • Her workshop is well-titled; I gained knowledge about the dissimilarities between an ‘OK’ presentation and a POWERFUL one.

I only had a little over a week to “overhaul” my original presentation with the awesome insights I gained at Kay’s workshop.  Her class made a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE!  I walked away from our seminar happy with my overhauled presentation, knowing it was much better because of the material covered in Kay’s workshop.

I will never prepare a future presentation without getting out my 'wealth-of-information binder' that Kay provided.  I now have tools that support me in continuing to become a more powerful presenter.  I immediately came home from the workshop and called a friend telling her she just had to take Kay’s next workshop.  She took my advice and signed up.

Whether you are new at doing presentations or have been doing them for awhile, I strongly suggest that you give yourself a gift and work with Kay; because there is no doubt that she is the best person to guide you into giving more POWERFUL presentations.

Pam Rettig
Certified Life Coach
Well Being and Abundance