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Olive Wagar

Olive Wagar

I first met Miss Kay in 2014 when she was a guest speaker for NAPO-Ohio.  I was in the process of investigating starting my business, Organized by Olive.  It was a special treat to be sitting at the same table with her.  I immediately appreciated her friendliness and confidence.  Her dynamic presentation that day planted a seed that I could promote my business through public speaking.

After I started my business and joined Toastmasters International, I heard her speak at several District 40 events.  Each time I was impressed with her engaging style and the ease with which she built rapport with her audiences.  I read her book and newsletters and determined that one day I would take advantage of her coaching services.

When I realized that I wanted to change the focus of my organizing business to include more public speaking, I confidently decided to hire Miss Kay as my coach.  After the initial consultation, I felt a sincere camaraderie.  I knew that she wanted me to succeed as much as I did!!

The coaching experience with Miss Kay has been challenging, exciting, and fun!  She shares her professional insights and wisdom in a kind and nonjudgmental manner.  She clearly explains why certain actions would bring better results.  She validates what I am doing well and then encourages me to take the next proactive step.  I actually enjoy the accountability.  After every coaching call, I am eager to exceed my own expectations!

The coaching experience with Miss Kay has given me a generous dose of confidence and clarity about my business.  In the past, I often over-analyzed and second-guessed many business decisions to the point of not taking any action.  I now feel empowered to make bold decisions and claim unique opportunities-such as speaking at an international conference in Toronto, Canada, in November.  Plus, I have greatly improved my telephone skills and follow-up skills – and secured more client sessions.

Investing in Miss Kay’s coaching services has been one of the best business decisions I have made.  It has been enlightening and encouraging every step of the way.  She has given my business exciting new energy!

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