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Nancy Hagan

Nancy Hagan

Kay Fittes and I met 15 years ago at a Toastmaster meeting when I had just started my business.  She was a pro then and, through the years, I have seen more and more of her expertise and her caring, effective approach.

My goal in doing Presentation Coaching with Kay was to maximize the speaking invitations that were offered to me.  I was missing opportunities to expand my business, which meant I was leaving money on the table.  Enhancing my confidence was key.  Moreover, I needed an objective viewpoint and someone skilled in the field to advise and guide me.

Kay is very tuned into my needs.  She asks questions to understand the situation, and then draws out very specific, constructive ideas to facilitate solutions.  She often gives more than the letter of her written agreement.  With genuine care and concern, she took me beyond my expectations.  Kay is also a savvy marketer who is focused on maximizing results.  I always benefit greatly from her experience.  My results include:

  • Awareness of how I present my business and the development of a “marketing mind”
  • Clear and succinct articulation of my ideas
  • Delivering just the appropriate amount of information, not overloading my audience
  • Enhanced confidence is speaking situations of all types

Women who want to impact their career success with effective presentation skills should know that Presentation Coaching with Kay is such a comfortable and empowering experience.  It will definitely take you to a new level in your career/business and personal development.

Nancy Hagan
Effective Day, LLC
I help overworked business leaders reclaim 6 weeks of time every year.
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