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Karla Price
Karla Price

I think you are phenomenal, so there’s that!!!!  I would shout it from the roof tops!!  Kay, you may or may not remember this, in Winter 2019, I was literally on the verge of homelessness, going to the food pantry to get food, and I met you at the Job Search Focus Group Monday meeting where you did a presentation and offered a 45 minute phone call to those interested.  I took you up on it and two things happened:  1 – You gave me the support, encouragement, inspiration and confidence I needed, at the worse time in my life; 2 – Most importantly you listened, you were kind, caring, loving and that conversation gave me hope.  I started a job in July 2019, where I am still today, it is the best job for me in my life right now!  You made a difference in my life that will never be forgotten ever!

Sincerely and respectfully,


 Karla K. Price
 Project Coordinator, Ecosystem Strategy Management
 Alta IT Services for ADM

 1260 Pacific Avenue
 Erlanger, KY 41018

 t 859-905-2318 / m 513-785-8378