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Janie Smith

Janie Smith

I have attended over a half-dozen of Kay’s workshops and it never ceases to amaze me how much she knows about each of the women that come to her event.  By the way she greets each one; I assume she knows all of them.  One day, I finally asked her, “Kay, how do you know all these women so well?”  Her response shocked me when she said, “I haven’t met most of them, until today!”

I have been to many seminars and I don’t know any speaker who has taken the time to engage and learn more about her audience than Kay.  She greets each one of her participants with an enthusiastic and warm welcoming smile that you immediately feel like you are a part of her family BEFORE the workshop begins!

Throughout her presentation, Kay REALLY listens to your questions, comments and ideas.  Her delivery is serious, lighthearted and provides a fun environment so you can relax and just be you.  As she tells her own personal stories, you know without a doubt, she has been in the same trenches you are trudging through today.

It is her love, compassion and attention to detail that sets Kay s presentations apart from the rest.  It is her ability to laugh at her own mistakes that brings her audiences to laughter and tears.  As she shares from her vast wealth of knowledge, wisdom and successes in helping women move forward; it becomes easy to open your heart and mind to new ideas and goals.

If you have not had the opportunity to participate in one of Kay’s events, you have missed an amazing, dynamic, gracious and humble speaker that deeply cares about taking you, your career, and business to the highest level of success.

Kay’s passion is all about supporting you on your journey.  She reaches out and touches your heart to move towards the goals you want to reach.  Then, she stretches you beyond what you thought you could accomplish.  As you grow into the confident, successful business woman you are meant to be, you can guarantee Kay will be right by your side, cheering you upward to the next level.

Janie Smith
CEO, Founder, Author, Speaker, Mentor, Consultant
Hope Beyond Trauma
    -from trauma, to hope, triumph and inspiration