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Janet Kassalen

Janet Kassalen

My experience with Kay Fittes has been an evolutionary one.  We first met through Toastmasters International, where I had heard her speak; then I attended several of Kay’s public workshops, where I developed a level of trust with her.  After that, individual coaching was the next step.  Kay’s background in Psychology gave me a sense of comfort to tackle some of my goals.

It has been a learning experience.  I know far more about myself today and value how she looks at things, giving me the power to look at issues in a new way.  Some women struggle with feeling stuck in childhood, with this coaching, I am developing skills to move into true adulthood.

How is life different now?  I find that I am:

  • More effective in going to the source of a problem
  • Confident with individuals in positions of authority
  • Quicker to make a difficult call – reducing the nemesis of procrastination
  • Feeling better about myself overall
  • Deserving of good things in my life – NOW

Today I would describe myself as a more skilled self-manager!

My advice is that it’s o.k. and important to do something good for yourself.  You really ought to give coaching a try, you deserve it! .

Janet Kassalen
Distinguished Toastmaster, TI
Lower Strings Member-at-Large, CCO