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Jan Frasier
Jan Frasier

I attended a Women in Business keynote that Kay Fittes presented in Versailles, Kentucky.  I was a volunteer for one of the activities she conducted at the event.  My prize was a 45-minute consultation with her.  She really “hit” me and “got” me in those 45 minutes.  I will always remember that conversation.  I became aware that I had always been a caretaker, never caring for myself.  That was impacting every aspect of my life, including my business.  It was a very vulnerable time in my life.

Figuring out my strengths with Kay has been a game-changing experience.  Learning to concentrate on me has allowed me to become more centered, grounded, and focused.  For the first time, I am clear on my career purpose.  I realize now I like me, I like who I am!

My business is growing, due to my enhancing my time management and focus.  I was hesitant to set boundaries and delegate to my office manager.  I allowed interruptions and my days were chaotic.  Once I decided to take Kay’s advice and tell her I needed her help in keeping me on task, she was actually excited to do that.  She helps me pay attention to my calendar and schedule.  Plus, she is now delegating responsibilities to my other employee.  This allows me to do what only I can do in the business, which are revenue producing actions and guarantee that the office is always covered.  My appreciation emerged as a bonus for her.  She was reluctant to take it at first, but I spelled out how crucial she was to the business, and she finally agreed.  That is bound to further cement our employer/employee relationship.  The ultimate benefit of my changed behaviors will be expanding the business and finally seeing the goal.  The agency will now reach the two-million-dollar mark.

If I were in a conversation with another woman whose career wasn’t going the way she wanted, I would say “Go for coaching 200%!”  I really like where I am in all aspects of my life right now and I think it’s because Kay Fittes “keeps me in line”!  Every two weeks we have a session and there is accountability there.  Prior to our coaching my goals had dried up and that is not like me.  Kay has an approach of calling a client out in a gentle and positive manner.  I knew I needed Kay; she came into my life at a perfect time.  She was a godsend!

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