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Grant Professionals Association
Grant Professionals Association

On behalf of the Grant Professionals Association Greater Cincinnati Chapter, it is my great honor and privilege to highly recommend Kay Fittes of High-Heeled Success.

The Grant Professional Association of Greater Cincinnati was founded in 2006 with a handful of local grants professionals.  We are the second chapter formed in Ohio and our membership and programs have grown each year.  Our chapter is led by a group of board volunteers who are employed at various organizations or as freelance writers.  It is our goal to guide our members by high standards and to provide fantastic tools and a wealth of knowledge and resources to empower them to be change agents of their communities.

Programming for our monthly meetings is of the utmost importance as it is a powerful engagement tool and opportunity to grow our field and skills.  And with such a diverse group of unique individuals working in a niche field, it can be challenging.  Kay presented “Kick Your Success Roadblocks to the Curb” which provided valuable insights and tools to both challenge and inspire our group.  She addressed and busted many myths and mind sets that are invariably holding us back in our careers and provided actual tools and action items to access and implement in our careers.

Our members were thrilled with her presentation.  The group was invested and engaged at the highest level and provided the additional feedback following the meeting:

  • “Love your presentation style, it kept us all engaged.”  Susan M.
  • “Awesome, enjoyed the group interaction.”  Patsy B.
  • “Liked the practical advice and interactive presentation.”  Lindsey J.
  • “Very positive presentation. Made it very easy to share with the group.”  Kara S.
  • “Thank you, wonderful storytelling.”  Rick W.
  • “Interesting insights on unrecognized self-limitations.”  Margaret D.

One member in particular shared her success implementing Kay’s tools with the entire membership at a subsequent meeting. It changed her life.

In addition to Kay being an extremely engaging presenter and a subject matter expert, she is a joy to work with.  As her point person, we worked together closely and I was truly impressed by her level of clarity and precision.  She demonstrates infinite attention to detail and can be counted on to always be professional and responsive.  Additionally, our board truly appreciated all of the time she took to understand our members – her audience – before crafting content and presenting at our meeting.  This extra step truly demonstrated her desire to meet our needs and deliver life-changing professional development for our members.

Thank you Kay Fittes for your time and expertise.  We are truly grateful for your investment in our members and our entire community.

Bethany Doverspike
Vice President & Director of Programs
Grant Professionals Association
Greater Cincinnati Chapter