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Ann Pickens

Ann Pickens

I first met Kay when she presented a breakout session at the Spring 2017 Toastmasters Conference.  I was inspired by how she commanded the room with ease.  Afterwards, I went and spoke with her at her table, discussing my past work experience and how I had been bullied by my bosses for the last 10 years.  My story caused her eyes to brighten, and the discussion turned to coaching.  I had never dreamed that a coach, with the enthusiasm and zeal that Kay has, would be the path to freedom.

The questions that Kay asked made me look to my core beliefs, fears and barriers, especially the self-limiting beliefs.  I am currently helping with a self-awareness class called “Freedom 101: Dealing with Confinement”, (the confinement being the perspective we each have on our own life) which has helped me to regain my voice and to find my passion for helping others.  Kay took my new foundation and tweaked it for the business world.  She is so positive and upbeat, I couldn't help but walk away from each coaching session feeling more empowered.  Not only on the job, but in my personal life as well!

With Kay’s guidance, I was able to laser in on my vision statement: To bring joy and hope wherever I go.  I also strive to inspire others to reach their limitless potential.  With my vision statement in front of me, I truly move with purpose, regardless of my surroundings.  I can be dealing with the CEO of a company or mentoring in the jail setting.  I have stepped into my greatness and continue to strive for my limitless potential every day.  Opportunities are beginning to open up, and with Kay’s guidance, I am being very proactive to position myself as the top candidate for the position.

In Freedom 101, this class is about awareness.  I had begun to look at my past and realized that I was in a rut – both on the job and in my personal life.  Ms. Fittes was able to give me a fresh perspective on myself.  We would talk about a topic; I would answer; then she would rephrase it in such a way that I began to believe in myself.  I realized that I have worth with value to offer in my workplace, as well as the world.  I am MORE than just an employee.

With the input I have to offer, I add value to every situation.  The exciting thing about Freedom 101 is that it is a wonderful tool for anyone who is dealing with any type of addiction issues such as workaholism, gambling, drugs, alcohol, shopping, people pleasing…the list goes on.  We are based in St. Marys, Ohio, and are willing to bring our class to you and a small group of friends.  The thrill I get when someone has an "AHA" moment of clarity, is what truly has inspired my mission statement!

Ann Pickens
Crown Equipment Corporation
New Bremen, OH 45869
The Freedom Connection
St Marys, OH 45858