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Allyson Blythe

Allyson Blythe

From the moment I met Kay at a local event, I have just been wowed by her energy, insight, and wisdom.  Her introduction immediately peaked my interest and from then on, I was sold!  The tips she shared that day were easy and practical.  I immediately implemented some of her suggestions into my next talk.  Kay was fun, sassy, and incredibly helpful upon just our first meeting.

Of course I took full advantage of the initial call she offered.  Our phone call offered further insight, helpfulness, and practical tips.  I spent years spinning my wheels, trying to go in so many different directions that I rarely got anything done because of the chronic sense of overwhelm and disorganization.  After just a few minutes on the phone, I had clarity, direction, and focus with actionable steps.

Investing in myself, my career, and my dreams has granted me productivity, joy, effectiveness, and the ability to make my own dreams come true.  Kay helped me structure and systematize my day, material, and energy in a way that has allowed me to finally develop the programs I’ve been trying to create and added ease into my day.  She is prompt, insightful, and available to offer her experience and wisdom.  Our relationship has allowed support, direction, and clarity.  Having the structure, accountability, and guidance have allowed me to be of such powerful service to my clients without the stress and strain of disorganization and overwhelm.

I gained clarity about my mission and true life purpose:  “Making the world a better place, one interaction at a time.”  I make decisions more easily and effectively because I have a clear vision, mission, and purpose.  Even just a few calls in, my life is profoundly improved and allows me to be of such higher service to myself and others.  Thanks Kay!!

Allyson Blythe
Certified Life Coach and LCSW
Phone:  (859)341-7773