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What's coming up with High-Heeled Success® that you don’t want to miss?


Kay is on the road in May.  On May 18, she is the keynote speaker at the Annual Purse & Pearl Luncheon in Erie, PA.  Last year’s event drew over 600 people.  Here are links to two articles that have been posted on this event:

Fittes to speak at luncheon
Pearls of wisdom

And here are PDF versions of those articles:

Fittes to speak at luncheon
Pearls of wisdom

They even put Kay on a billboard in Erie:

Erie Billboard

You don’t need to see your picture on a billboard to feel like you are somebody.  Strong self-esteem is at the center of every success.  If yours could use a boost, read below about our upcoming workshop.


Save The Date!

On Saturday, June 6, 2015, in Cincinnati, OH, Kay Fittes and High-Heeled Success® will present a repeat of her successful workshop:

Kick Up Your Self-Esteem:
How Do You Know When You Are Somebody?

Your level of business success is directly linked to your self-esteem.  Do you want to go for a promotion, snag high-level clients, or boost your income?  Your self-esteem will determine if you believe it is possible and the risks you are willing to take to get there.  Deep down, do you fear you are not sharp enough, competent enough, likable enough?  Just plain not enough?  Then join us on June 6.

Please see our Events page
to read all about it and register!

Women, are you stepping over obstacles
to your career success?

Hard work and competence aren’t enough!

Let us show you the “other skill set” necessary to catapult your career to the
next level.  Listen to Kay Fittes explain what High-Heeled Success® is all about!

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See Kay in Action!

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The video below will give you a glimpse into High-Heeled Success®, even if you wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair of high heels.

Kristi Frank, CEO of  and, from Season #1 of NBC’s “The Apprentice’, is well known for helping entrepreneurs start and grow their online businesses.

JW Player goes here

Kristi has been featured on Oprah, MSNBC, The Today Show and The View.

She is currently following her entrepreneurial spirit and launching a program to assist women with their dieting, health and fitness goals.

Kristi Frank - As Seen on TV


“As soon as your presentation commenced, I knew I was in for a real treat and Kay, it was fantastic.  Your opening was exactly what captured our (women’s) hearts.   Thank you.  I look forward to another exciting presentation from you in the future.”

--Delois Hughes, Ohio Housing Finance Agency  

Listen to Kay explain what is in store for you by entering your name and email in the boxes below.

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Receive these gifts from Kay!

  1. The Expanded High-Heeled Success® Test
  2. The Special Report
    “Six Self-Sabotaging
    Mistakes Women Make”
  3. My upcoming e-Zine
    High-Heeled Success® Tips

Listen to what James Malinchak, of ABC’s Secret Millionaire, has
to say about Kay’s new book!

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High-Heeled Success!  The Book